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ZgPHP meetup 2017/09 #73

ZgPHP meetup 2017/09 #73

14.Sep.2017 - 14.Sep.2017

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We're back and on the road again!

After two successful summer drinkups, we're back on the road again, visiting Degordian's **NEW** shiny offices.

Upon some of the "we love this format" received feedback from some of the members, we decided to do another one:

Panel discussion: "Education and Evaluation in the DEV World"

Fueled by grill and beer we'll talk about education and evaluation in the development (companies, startups, universities, ...) - how it is done, what are challenges and some real world examples.

Dont be shy, besides asking questions, you'll be able to join the panel as there will be extra chairs!


TALK Panel discussion: "Education and Evaluation in the DEV World" (18:15)
Steve Tauber, Ksenija Kordi Sokolić, Tony Mrakovcic, Tomislav Jakopec, Robert Sorn, Stjepan Schönberger, Josip Pavic
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