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Testival #34

Testival #34

09.Jan.2018 - 09.Jan.2018

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We are looking for regular and lightning talks. Apply at zeljko.filipin at

Regular talks (10-30 minutes)

#1 Aleksandra Pijuko, Marko Kruljac: Testiranje testera - selekcijski process u Degordianu

Na predavanju ćemo vam ukratko predstaviti kako izgleda selekcijski proces u Degordianu.
Čemu pridajemo važnost pri odabiru kandidata i zašto koristimo različite metode. Pokazati ćemo vam selekcijski zadatak kojega smo koristili prilikom zapošljavanja Software Testing Interna te kako smo smislili zadatak i kako smo testirali potencijalne testere.

Aleksandra Pijuko je HR Specialist u Degordianu i psiholog sa puno uspješnih održanih utrka u zapošljavanju :)
Marko Kruljac radi kao Software Developer in Test u Degordianu.

Lightning talks (5 minutes)

#1 Željko Filipin: git-bisect (


Degordian ( is providing the venue, food and drinks. They are an independent digital production & marketing agency. They create award-winning websites and mobile applications for clients all around the globe. Degordian was founded in 2009 and in 8 years has grown into a team of more than 120 professionals with outstanding skills and experience.

After the meetup

We will continue the conversation at Degordian office with food and drinks.

No talks available at the moment.
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