Domain-Driven Design in PHP

Mathias Verraes (29.May.2015 at 09:00, 8 hr )
Workshop at SOLIDay (English - US)

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Domain-Driven Design in PHP

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Rating: 5 of 5

30.May.2015 at 06:04 by Marco Pivetta (117 comments)

Very good intro.

Most of the topics I already knew, and I was aware that I was going to just get a recap.
The actual on-the-field experience presented made it worth following through all day anyway!

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31.May.2015 at 11:10 by Nikola PoŇ°a (35 comments)

Excellent clarification of core DDD concepts and definitions. Very profound explanation of all the significant building blocks of a domain-driven design.

Comprehensive lesson on DDD, suitable for intermediate and advanced developers.

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31.May.2015 at 16:03 by Dusan Lukic (92 comments)

Great workshop about the concept that was almost totally unknown to me.

I learned much and I will definitely start exploring DDD more after this.

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09.Jun.2015 at 13:24 by Anonymous

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10.Jun.2015 at 10:27 by Anonymous

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