From doctor to coder: A whole new world?

Aisha Sie (25.Jun.2016 at 10:45, 45 min)
Talk at Dutch PHP Conference 2016 (English - US)

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From doctor to coder: A whole new world?

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Rating: 5 of 5

25.Jun.2016 at 13:03 by Jeroen v.d. Gulik (99 comments) via iPhone app

Impressive for a first talk.

Rating: 4 of 5

25.Jun.2016 at 19:48 by Marcos Loureiro (24 comments) via Web2 LIVE

Nice to understand the difficulties of people coming from outside of tech into dev world, plus the thing of being an expert and becoming a rookie, it was something I've already though when moving from a language to another different one (ex: OO to functional), but from a very different world, then that's another level.
Good talk. And good luck with your career!

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26.Jun.2016 at 09:05 by Anonymous

great talk about the similarities between coders and docters, we both fix problems.

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26.Jun.2016 at 18:25 by Niels Nijens (21 comments)

Great first talk. Was really interesting to hear things from a 'junior developer' point of view.

You might be able to expand upon this with your opinion on how we might be able to improve resources (eg. documentation) and/or be better teachers.

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27.Jun.2016 at 10:04 by Ana Azevedo (2 comments) via Web2 LIVE

I saw your talk title on the board and as a female eHealth IT enthusiastic/developer myself (for more than a decade now), I had to go and check out how someone from the 'other side' perceives switching factions and I wasn't disappointed.
Great first talk and I can tell you are on the right track.
Best of luck!

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27.Jun.2016 at 13:44 by Reinier Kip (10 comments) via Web2 LIVE

> "Impressive for a first talk." -- Jeroen v.d. Gulik

Very fun to listen to, easy to follow. Very good to be reminded of how IT is to a newcomer. Good luck!

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