A Symfony2 Admin Bundle

Thomas Rabaix (04.Mar.2011 at 13:30)
Talk at Symfony Live 2011 - Paris (English - UK)

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A Symfony2 Admin Bundle

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Rating: 4 of 5

04.Mar.2011 at 15:27 by Stefan Koopmanschap (400 comments)

I had read about the bundle but hadn't actually implemented it. After this nice overview, I'm now looking forward to actually using this in a project.

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05.Mar.2011 at 10:16 by David jeanmonod (26 comments)

Nice to see that the old admin generator get a valid successor. Thanks for the demo

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11.Mar.2011 at 23:22 by Jeremy Mikola (85 comments)

I also haven't used this in any project yet, so I was happy to see the demo. I wish there had been a bit more time to dive into the configuration options, as they looked very intimidating (hopefully they're equally well-documented). Looking forward to using this.

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19.Mar.2011 at 07:42 by Code Cowboy (1 comments)

Where is the actual talk / link to slides? Thanks.

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