Doctrine 2

Juozas Kaziuk─Śnas (19.May.2011 at 13:45)
Workshop at Dutch PHP Conference 2011 (English - UK)

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Doctrine 2

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19.May.2011 at 14:51 by Anonymous

Just patent evangelism; this would be suitable for an un-con track but not a tutorial day. No opportunity to follow along on with any degree of success, too many people in the class.

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19.May.2011 at 15:59 by Anonymous

Confident speaker but too much information for a tutorial session. Would have preferred bigger focus on broad-strokes of the topic to lead to independent learning after the tutorial.

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19.May.2011 at 23:01 by Mike Simons (2 comments)

Bah, ignore the guys above. Good tutorial though a little hard to keep up at the start. Maybe a link with the bootstrap cinfig would be good next time?

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20.May.2011 at 07:58 by Anonymous

Interesting tutorial. A bit (to) fast at the start. Maybe a demo package for setup will help.

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20.May.2011 at 11:38 by Rene Pot (5 comments)

As said above, at the start it went a little too fast, and it covered a load of information, it was very intersting and worth it and will cost me many nights of implementing it myself.
However, sometimes I had the idea Joe didn't knew some basics himself.

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20.May.2011 at 12:18 by Robin Speekenbrink (48 comments)

As said above: too busy, to fast in the beginning to actually keep up. Was hoping it would go deeper into the why and how instead of typing-along-with-the-presenter.

I also felt that `Joe` did miss some of the more obvious links into why somethings were as they were where he seemed to have no clue...

Would have expected the talk (without the code-parts) as a 'usual' presentation during the rest of the conf instead of a half-tutorial-day-session.

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20.May.2011 at 17:57 by Jeroen van der Laan (36 comments) via api

You probably hadn't had enough time to cover the whole subject. The practical part went too quickly to follow so after a short while I decided to just watch it instead of trying to get it all working on my own laptop.

Also although I heard everyone talking about how doctrine is so much better to use as a ORM than other solutions, I can't say I am fully convinced. i would have loved to see more details on the capabilities of doctrine like dql and the query builder.

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20.May.2011 at 18:22 by David Eriksson (15 comments)

It was great to hear a speaker with a deep passion for his subject, but maybe too passionate sometimes?

The CLI bootstrap should have been prepared and made available to everyone before the talk.

I also appreciated learning the trick about preparing a string for unserialize to create an object of any given type... :-)

Rating: 3 of 5

24.May.2011 at 17:21 by Anonymous

Great speaker but I was not able to keep up with the live coding. (Just like 99% of the room). Next time a pre installed image or some pre tutorial instructions would be nice.

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