Doctrine and NoSQL

Benjamin Eberlei (12.Oct.2011 at 09:00)
Talk at International PHP Conference / WebTech Con 2011 (English - UK)

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Doctrine and NoSQL

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Rating: 5 of 5

12.Oct.2011 at 09:55 by Timo Haberkern (30 comments)

Nice overview of the usage of NoSQL with Doctrine. Liked it. Motivated me to do more with Mongo and Doctrine

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12.Oct.2011 at 09:58 by Daniel Londero (74 comments)

Well organized and very well presented. Had some infos that clarified me some points about NoSQL with Doctrine2.

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12.Oct.2011 at 10:33 by Marco Pivetta (117 comments)

Clear and clarifying about NoSQL pitfalls and advantages, and about the Doctrine ODM project. Very good talk!

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12.Oct.2011 at 10:52 by David Buchmann (134 comments)

good informative introductionary talk. thanks for mentioning phpcr :-)
we should one of these days discuss if you can add some slides for phpcr, it has its own strong points different from mongo and couch.

Speaker comment:

12.Oct.2011 at 11:34 by Benjamin Eberlei (4 comments)

@David You are right about PHPCR, but I had the luxury of deferring to your talk about it later the day which gives me more time to talk about the CouchDB and MongoDB implementations.

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