PHP Content Repository Specification

Lukas Kahwe Smith , David Buchmann (12.Oct.2011 at 13:45)
Talk at International PHP Conference / WebTech Con 2011 (English - UK)

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PHP Content Repository Specification

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Rating: 4 of 5

12.Oct.2011 at 14:40 by Anonymous

Good and interesting overview about PHPCR, PHPCR-ODM and Jackalope.

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12.Oct.2011 at 14:42 by Marco Pivetta (117 comments)

Very interesting project being discussed, which really has an nothing to envy when compared to MongoDB and CouchDB or oder NoSQL solutions/adapters/specs.
The talk shows the most innovative and useful concepts that have been discussed in this ipc11 conference.

I won't give you 5 ups for the talk, but for the research behind it. Great job! :)

Rating: 4 of 5

12.Oct.2011 at 18:53 by Stephan Hochdörfer (206 comments)

Good overview of the current state of PHPCR. Looks like a promising project.

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