The Path to Better Debugging on iOS

Nathan de Vries (10.Mar.2012 at 11:50)
Talk at Mdevcon (English - US)

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The Path to Better Debugging on iOS

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10.Mar.2012 at 12:21 by Rowdy Rabouw (40 comments) via api

N/a fit me yet

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10.Mar.2012 at 12:37 by Stefan Koopmanschap (400 comments) via api

As a starting iOS developer, I've been finding it hard to debug my code. This talk gave a lot of insights in how to actually debug... Thanks!

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10.Mar.2012 at 12:40 by Martin Fiebig (1 comments)

Nice talk, this will enhance my toolset a lot! Thanks!

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10.Mar.2012 at 13:23 by Louis van de Wiele (3 comments)

Presentation had some nice tools for debugging!

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10.Mar.2012 at 13:41 by Anonymous

Every I think I known Xcode some speaker points out so much more goodies. Great talk!

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12.Mar.2012 at 16:19 by Emil Loer (8 comments)

Tool talks are always appreciated.

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12.Mar.2012 at 18:25 by Eugene Solodovnykov (4 comments)

It was just an amazing keynote! Gave me a lot of new tools and brought my debugging to a new level :)

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18.Mar.2012 at 12:49 by Anonymous

nice and interesting talk

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