Git internals and how to use them in PHP

Magnus Nordlander (08.Jun.2012 at 15:15)
Talk at Symfony Live Paris 2012 (English - US)

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Git internals and how to use them in PHP

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08.Jun.2012 at 15:31 by Chris Sedlmayr (45 comments) via api

Looks interesting, could be useful. Nicely covered.

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08.Jun.2012 at 15:46 by Sebastian Göttschkes (35 comments)

Nice introduction to git internals. Got some nice ideas how to use git in php.

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09.Jun.2012 at 13:25 by Stefan Koopmanschap (400 comments)

Really good introduction into Git internals as it was presented in such a way that I think anyone should be able to understand it. Well done.

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