Workshop V - Introduction to Symfony2

Stefan Koopmanschap (22.Nov.2012 at 09:30)
Workshop at Symfony Live Berlin 2012 (English - US)

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Workshop V - Introduction to Symfony2

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Rating: 4 of 5

22.Nov.2012 at 16:59 by Andi Rückauer (1 comments)

Perfect to get started with Symfon2, covered all the basic information about a MVC structure. Good structured presentation, qualified answers to asked questions. Time flew by and yet my head is full of new stuff and I am eagerly looking forward to try everything out in practive myself.

Why I had to subtract one point: I wish we would have coded more instead of covering some general coding topics not related to Symfony (which every programmer should be familiar with). Writing code helps a lot to get into a new software and store it in the brain. :) So e.g. doing an example on the screen together and than completing a task on our own with your help.


Rating: 5 of 5

23.Nov.2012 at 07:40 by Anonymous

Very good introduction and gave a brief insight into the bits and bolts of Symfony2.

I'd also prefer more coding during the session as most of the participants (by the way, 6 was a perfect match) knew all the MVC stuff already. Also the coding could have been more "guided" - as usually there are a couple of things to do (adjust the controller, create a twig template, create a class, create a classType ...) so it would've been nice to code them one by one (without having to build all of them at once without knowing the Symfony classes this tends to be hard).

Nevertheless worth every single bucket and hosted by a marvelous durchmen ...

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