Registration & Breakfast

(19.Mar.2013 at 09:00)
Event Related at PHP North East Conference 2013 (English - UK)

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Registration & Breakfast

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Rating: 5 of 5

19.Mar.2013 at 14:17 by Mark Baker (120 comments)

Easy registration (I was early) and bacon and/or sausage butties are welcome on a brisk Tyneside morning.... it wasn't that cold, but after a walk up Pilgrim Street from the Quayside it was very welcome.

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19.Mar.2013 at 15:41 by Stefan Koopmanschap (400 comments)

Very easy and friendly welcome, thanks guys!

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20.Mar.2013 at 08:28 by David Craig (4 comments)

Very well organised - didn't have the breakfast but it looked awesome :)

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21.Mar.2013 at 23:38 by Calum Bulmer (36 comments)

Breakfast was well received, it was a little tight for space but all in all it was a good start to the day

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25.Mar.2013 at 14:22 by Jon Park (11 comments)

Great start to the day... registration was a breeze. Can't argue with a bacon butty.

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