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Simple search with elastic search
Will the slides be coming online? I was at the other talk so I had to miss it :(
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Practical Software Estimation Techniques, or “How Late?”
Due to bad timezone-calculation skills, I missed half an hour of the presentation :( But the second half hour was a good one! I will be re-reading the slides for sure!
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Source Code Management and Version Control
Great talk. It helps me as I am just moving to git. Would love the slides though!
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How to Make Good Documentation a Regular Part of Your Day
Always good to learn about documentation. Would like to see more information on the slides though. As I missed one (or several) words, I was not able to get up to speed by looking at the slide.
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Unit testing with PHPUnit
Very helpful workshop to get your PHPUnit on the move. While an environment was supplied, I set up my own (virtual) environment and ended with a nice working set of tests. Location was superb, time was great for getting started with PHPUnit. Now I've got all I need to get going with my existing (and upcoming!) projects.
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Continuous Integration with Jenkins
Mike set up an excellent workshop. While supplying the virtual environment, no software was (really) installed so that we learned what software was need to get a fully deployed environment. Because the software was already downloaded on the virtual environment, there was no need for us to drain the network so we could move on without the network slowing us down. Having a README file present on the virtual environment with all the commands needed to be executed, it didn't matter whether or not you were following along: fast people could work ahead, more relaxed people like myself could stay up to speed. Top workshop!
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Opening keynote: Teach a Man to Fish
Inspiring talk about improving skills for yourself and your team as well. I took some point which I will work out for sure :-)
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Alice & Bob: public key cryptography 101
We all should be (consciously) using cryptography more on the web. Explanation of the working and the advantages of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) made everyone (once again) aware of why we should use it. That being said, contact me so we can enlarge the web-of-trust!

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