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TDD with Codeception and Laravel
Quite enjoyable talk, pretty decent for a first-time speaker. Good mixture of high-level/low-level information. Improvements you could/should make: - when showing code an overview of the whole class is fine, but after that show only the bits you're talking about and leave the rest out so that it's easier to follow along. - the same for the configuration bits, when there's only a few lines that need modifying show an overview of the before state, highlight the lines that need modifying and then show them singled out one by one. - maybe add a bit more detail about what everything is and does, not everybody has experience with all tools mentioned. I for one knew Codeception as in "it's a testing tool" but since I don't have any experience with it didn't knew whether it was some form of remote tool or a locally installed library of sorts. - and when allowing questions during the talk be shure to keep those short and spiffy; to put it bluntly i'm there for your talk and not their questions.
Rating: 4 of 5 
Fluid Application Architecture
Eggcellent maiden voyage, agree with sentiments above, especially the memorable quotes bit. TLDR: more Bruce, less Lee 4/5: would Bruce again

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