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Level Up Your Team
In general the talk was good, I could give you a feedback for a few aspects. When I'm in a talk I always look for a few things, like: - The mind blow factor: some real new thing that I/spectators never thought about! - The funny factor: some cool stories which came with your experience would complement nicely the part about the why people leave companies and the joke about the developer which stay in the company but is not learning! For me those things really makes the talk more enjoyable during time! You can also have a slight improvement on the slides, the focus was almost completely on what you were saying, maybe more pictures could help!
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DevOps for Developers
The talk was not so exciting, you kept with basics and didn't bring a nice and renewing experience. I suggest you to find something about devops that you really find interesting and focus on it, maybe you'll save some time on showing things which are already there for a few years.
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How to Migrate Anything with DDD
I also expected more theory about DDD and migrations, felt a bit disappointed.
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Could you pass me the Holy Grail?
The talk is really enjoyable to attend, and full of funny twists, I really like the devops and some (de)organization examples, it makes easy reliance with real life! One suggestion (which we discussed in person already) would be to try to glue more the big chunks of the story, or even remove some things and focus more on the main line! I'm looking forward to see the next version of it!
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The first few milliseconds of HTTPS
Really good talk, I like how the speaker was able to dive into the TLS details and made it easier to understand, I definitely learned much during the talk. One improvement could be on the slides layout and when the layout had bullet points they were all showed in the same time, which made me read and try to listen in the same time. Doesn't decrease the quality level though, it's just a tiny improvement!
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It's all about the jumps
The immersion within the PHP internals and the jumps were really interesting, now I feel to understand PHP better thanks to Derick. One tip would be to make some small pauses or more relaxed moments, since it's highly technical requires total attention, I know its hard to do that due the amount of content, but would be good to have some breaks, other than that everything was really good!
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Experiences Building Apps With React Native
Awesome talk, has been a while that I don't see such a well prepared and such a good timing in a talk with "live coding". I wouldn't have anything else to add, but I'll try to tell on what to make better: - You have built safety in the beginning by telling the "agenda" for the talk, I think in some cases it's not necessary, since your timeline is well build you can just go on without pre presenting - Before switching the subjects you had a review moment, it was good and you could maybe improve it a bit more, I'm not sure if it was improvised or not That's all based on my opinion tho, the presentation was awesome!
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Time Series with Apache Cassandra: the basics
Good job on your first time, English was really good, and the story was well prepared and linear. I'd suggest to make the slides more attractive, maybe include a few more minutes with some other interesting things, you played a lot of safety in the beginning explaining what was included or not in the talk, maybe you can make it more natural. Those are not big problems at all, I just wanted to give you a North! Thanks and good job
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GraphQL is right in front of us, let's do it, with Symfony
@Frits @Martijn Thanks for the feedback, I like to give the talk a natural flow instead of presenting a "agenda" like many speakers do, maybe it turns a bit harder to know what's coming next, I'll thing of a way to improve it but still keeping my style! @Arnout I understand you might find one or other thing more important, the goal of the talk (as in the description of it) is to give a introduction and shows how to implement it on symfony, also the schema was mentioned many times in the talk. My main point is to show common used features in APIs, so pagination and the relay cursors are important in my opinion. I think you are not constructive in your feedback but I appreciate you took your time to come here. Thanks.

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