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CQRS in Production
Super strukturiert; schöne Veranschaulichung von CQRS! Vielen Dank!
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Pushing the limits with ReactPHP
Great presentation style! It became very clear what ReactPHP is (and what it is not) and when it could be beneficial to use it. We will definitely give it a try :)
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Wilkommensansprache / Welcome Keynote
Great start into the day, especially liked the history section as well as the emphasis on diversity and the code of conduct. I missed a bit of guidance on what was going to happen after the opening statement. In an older version of the schedule there was a sponsor talk, so we kind of expected that someone will step on stage, but instead nothing happened :)
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Middleware Web APIs in PHP 7.x
To me it felt like there was too much time spent on the history of PHP (5) and the importance of PHP 7. Maybe the original slides were prepared at a time where this was still new to many people, but by now I would expect that almost everyone is familiar with that topic.
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Event Sourcing: The good, the bad and the complicated
Definitely the best talk of the conference for me. I loved the western-style explanations! Also it was very clear that Marco has a deep knowledge of the topic

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