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Here Be Dragons! What It's Really Like to Slay a Monolith
Great to hear a 'war story' on slaying the monolith and 'selling' the micro service vision inside your company. I had the impression that Graham tried to compensate for the time lost on replacing the beamer (not his fault in any way), the speed of talking made it a little hard to comprehend.
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Experiences Building Apps With React Native
As a rookie on React i found this talk very easy to comprehend and got enthusiastic to try building my own app in React Native - that's a win! The slides and recorded coding were very nice and clean and really supported the talk.
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Oops! OOP's Not What I Thought
I loved the energy that Anjana brought to the stage. The historic take on OOP was very interesting and I liked the biological metaphor a lot. Anjana both communicated genuine enthusiasm and a very clear story on the essence of OOP.
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How Do Kids Program in the Wild?
Having worked for some years in science myself, i like the scientific approach that Felienne takes on the coding of kids a lot. In this talk she demonstrated the ability to condense months of research in a relatively short talk and explain her findings in a very accessible way. The questions afterwards showed that she inspires her audience to start hypothesising about the subject matter themselves, which is awesome. Knowing that Felienne would speak made me register early :)

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