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The Myth of untestable Code
Incredibly helpful! Loads of testing talks hammer in the basics and the ideal scenarios, but this is the only one I’ve seen which addresses the edge cases and situations where the ideal practices can’t work.
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What even is "Cloud Native"?
Had no idea that configuration for support services through Kubernetes was so straightforward and plug-and-play! Particularly around mTLS.
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Efficient Domain-driven Design: Event Storming Workshop
Really enjoyed this workshop and am already employing event storming at work. Found it's actually much more naturally accessible to business and manufacturing folk than software engineers! Too many preconceived notions.
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Starting your Serverless journey with OpenFaaS
Recent convert to serverless and cloud functions and absolutely loving it. Excited to get OpenFaaS running at work on-prem through Kubernetes!
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We need a bigger boat - Introduction to application scaling
The talk was very geared up for the particular way their company does scalability based on their particular requirements, could definitely benefit from being broader and more general. As a game developer, I also found all the games industry dissing a tad unnecessary. Sure a lot of game servers aren't written well, but it's not that bad.
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Get GOing with a new language
I really liked how the speaker lasered in on concurrency, compared to parallelism, and demonstrated how straightforward they are to implement in Go compared to PHP. Really made the benefit clear and accessible to anyone who's never touched them before because they're too complex in other languages. Also, it hit the GOPATH on the head straight away.

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